September 8, 2008

There is a program ‘Bolta Pakistan’ on Aaj TV. In view of series of unfortunate events happened in Pakistan over the period of last few weeks (like resignation of Musharraf, Zardari – as a new President, All political parties includin religious parties supported Zardari, etc), I suggest the name of this Program shall be changed to Dolta (wobbly) Pakistan.

As you all know that all the charges in Switzerland against our New PRESIDENT have been withdrawn and all his frozen assets have already been released. Only the amount of his Surrey Mehal is 6 billion USD which is equivalent to 451 billion Pakistani Rupees. I have a suggestion to the concerned person (that is Mr. Zardari) as he claims to be the most patriotic and democratic Pakistani, why dont he gave this money (451 billionPKR), which everyone knows how is earned that, to the Pakistan Government to be added into the Pakistani Reserves (which is now at its low for the last 7 years – from 30 billion to 9 billion USD).

Just to remind all of you that Pakistan budget for this last year is 1475 billions. You do the math now.

LONG LIVE PAKISTAN. So that the next generation of our land lords can be benefitted – who cares about the masses


Short Memories

May 29, 2008

I decided not to write anything about the politics, ‘AZAD’ media, and the pakistani public. Since the Election 2008, i keep avoiding watching TV talk shows about the policits, news, and the interviews of our ‘National’ politician.

I am not a very big fan of Mushrraf but i believe that he is not a corrupt leader. He has done his best not only to serve Pakistan but sail Pakistan to the safe place with his intelligence by handling the foreign pressure. He definately has done some mistakes but my questions to you as follows:
1. Did he make a mistake to support West? Just think for a second, what would happen if Nawaz (Bhagora) or Zardari (10% now 100%) have been in Power then.
2. Did he make a mistake to save Dr. AQ from the west?
3. Did he make a mistake to provide the economic growth in Pakistan?
and on and on and on …..



We are the Front Liners

January 29, 2008

What a joke, isnt it? When we recieve someone from USA, we have given a huge reception. Our preseidnet met Brad Pitt and Angelina (only paid film actors), why because they are Americans and we are fighting against terrorism. On the other hand when the most respectable person of Pakistan, EDHI, went to USA, his passport we captured and he was questioned for almost 4 hours at the Airport. Guess what? our High commission is still looking into it and will talk to the authorities if nothing happens by thursday. I wonder what happens if Pakistani Immigration Officer hold the passport of Brad Pitt ( a simple paid actor) – no comparison with EDHI….right?



What a Shame !!!!

November 3, 2007

When Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif tried to change the chief of army staff, army took that as a act of prime minister to destroy the image of army. Army put the Zia ul Haq (the one who was supposed to replace Musharraf) into trial.

I consider todays act of Musharraf is same as prime minister. Now my question is who is going to put musharraf into trial? this is a shame.

Usuallay the army is for the Country but Pakistan is the only Country which is for Army. This is Shame, Shame and Shame. I really request all political parties to come under one roof and do something for Pakistan.


Short or Week Memories ?

October 18, 2007

Since morning i have been watching TV and almost all channels cover the return of Benazir Bhutto. All, so called known correspondents like Kamran Khan, Dr. Shahid Masood, Faiza Dawood, PJ Mir, etc with the accepted sound tried to convince the nation to accept the convicted leader. She may not have been convicted in the courts but the majority of the people of Pakistan have already given their verdict. I dont know how the intellectuals have forgotten her past two regimes, the looting ministers, the corrupted law enforcement officers, and above all the economic conditions of Pakistan then. I have few questions for you that require answers:
1. Will the media remain free and open, if she comes again in Power?
2. Can Dr Shahid Masoor or Kamran Khan can point a finger on her Government like they do on Musharraf’s?
3. Will the development projects continue with its progress (without the commissions)?
4. What will happen with Dr. Qadir Khan and our Proud Nuclear Program?

At last I would just like to know where are all these Deenee Siyasee Jamaats? No Agitation, No Dharnay against the so called ‘Mafahmatee Ordinance”
Where is the Supreme Court of Pakistan – the lately known as ‘FREE COURT of PAKISTAN”

I dont know if i will be write to any other post after like this if ………………. u know what i mean.



Ramadan Mubarak

September 12, 2007

Ramadan Mubarak to all you. May Allah shower His bleesing to all of us during this holy month of Ramadan and May Allah give us a strength to serve Him best and May Allah accept all our good deeds and protect us from the bad ones, Amen

Remember me and my family in your duas.



Close Your Eyes …..

September 6, 2007

Just a thought …

Close your eyes and think where you want yourself after 5 years from now on? Share your dreams guys……