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Blog —is it a new idea?

August 31, 2005
This is my first post as a blogger. Blog, i though a lot about it that what is the meaning of blog and what is this for? I started surfing few blogs and founnd that this idea (blog) is not new. Earlier it was very common as people write about themselves, or if i may say blog, in a diary and keep it in a safe place as they consider it private. I read one article about Jan Nisar Akhtar that he published his letters he wrote to his wife along with his wife replies. No body liked that rather everyone said ‘thu thu’. (Indian film poet Javed Akhter is the son of Jan Nisar Akhtar). Now where we stand, we publish in public not only our thoughts, dreams, wishes, and most of all about ourself but we publish events, secrets, planning, and most of all about others without informing them. Now nobody say thu thu, nobody object, and nobody dislike. Is this the (modern) culture developed in our society withing oursleves or we borrow it from media. What is it?

You may find the above article as puzzle but wat i need, with ur help, to put the puzzle block in the right and its appropriate place.