Close Your Eyes …..

September 6, 2007

Just a thought …

Close your eyes and think where you want yourself after 5 years from now on? Share your dreams guys……




  1. Probably I will be busy doing some epidemiological research in Pakistan after my PhD in Epidemiology.

  2. probably building a structure for some really big firm! since i am an architecture student!

  3. Urmmm I don’t have sucha hi fi dream…….probably happy and with alot of people around me…..lots of happiness love and InshAllah InshAllah strong Emaan…..mostly more of a better Muslim than now InshAllah……:D So does my teeny weeny dream count??

  4. You know my dream…. lot’s of eaten-out apple signs around me…. Aaaahhh, this is what heaven must be like! 😛

  5. Married, With 2 kids, CEO of my own Software Tech Firm and blogging.

    BTW i came across your blog via chance. I like it, so I am going to add it to my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind :). See you around. Come over to mine and add it to yours if you like it.

  6. Done with college..married to HIM..getting my degree in Journalism..mhmm and just living a life with..HIM..!..him him him lol

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