Short or Week Memories ?

October 18, 2007

Since morning i have been watching TV and almost all channels cover the return of Benazir Bhutto. All, so called known correspondents like Kamran Khan, Dr. Shahid Masood, Faiza Dawood, PJ Mir, etc with the accepted sound tried to convince the nation to accept the convicted leader. She may not have been convicted in the courts but the majority of the people of Pakistan have already given their verdict. I dont know how the intellectuals have forgotten her past two regimes, the looting ministers, the corrupted law enforcement officers, and above all the economic conditions of Pakistan then. I have few questions for you that require answers:
1. Will the media remain free and open, if she comes again in Power?
2. Can Dr Shahid Masoor or Kamran Khan can point a finger on her Government like they do on Musharraf’s?
3. Will the development projects continue with its progress (without the commissions)?
4. What will happen with Dr. Qadir Khan and our Proud Nuclear Program?

At last I would just like to know where are all these Deenee Siyasee Jamaats? No Agitation, No Dharnay against the so called ‘Mafahmatee Ordinance”
Where is the Supreme Court of Pakistan – the lately known as ‘FREE COURT of PAKISTAN”

I dont know if i will be write to any other post after like this if ………………. u know what i mean.



One comment

  1. I am just now angered because of her coming and the coverage given to her which is still in progress.

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