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March 27, 2006

I wrote the follwoing Ghazal when i was 19 ….. it is one of my favourites (still i m working on it to modify a lit bit). This is for you guys as it was written.

Saray jazbay dafan kar kay, sochta hoon may
Tujh ko dhoond raha hoon kiyon, sochta hoon may

Ik ik lamha kar kay guzar jatee hay zindagee
Khud he jala jata hoon kiyon, sochta hoon may

Dhoka, fareb, wafa-o-jafa ka har ik lafz
Maujood hain mohabbat may kiyon, sochta hoon may

Samandar key pur sukoon lehrain aur kabhee un may shore
Dil may basee hain meray kiyon, sochta hoon may

Phool par shabnam kay qatroon ko dekh kar
Yaad teree aaeee kiyoon, sochta hoon may

Dil key baat ko dil he may rehnay do amir
Warna kab, kahan, kaisay aur kiyon, sochta hoon may.



Internal Coordination vs External Coordination

March 27, 2006

Whether it is for an engineering firm, politics, religion or for any other segment of our society / culture, Internal Coordination is much more difficult then the external coordination. You can validate this in any field.

I work in a company where almost 300 people are working. They are from different backgrounds, countries, languages, religions, and cultures. My job is mainly in Project Management, so the internal coordination is very much there in order to satisfy the needs of our Client. Sometimes (rather most of the times) Clients are unreasonable while demanding something not included in the Contract, but one doesn’t have any other chance except to fulfill the Clients requirements. What I experience, so far, that whenever you request to have something, the answer starts from ‘No, we don’t have it’. At this point your managerial / negotiations skills come into play. Sometimes I feel that I am begging not requesting as if it is my personal work. Why it is happening, my observations are as follows:
1. People working at the respectable post are not capable of doing their job properly.
2. They are not professional.
3. They are biased and make decision on the basis of nationality, education, religion, or your current status in the company.
4. It may be the nature of a people belong to a particular area (now it seems I am biased now)

My advise to all of you, especially those who are working in a multicultural working environment, that be a good listener, try to find the common things between yourselves, be humble and friendly, read about the cultures and people, etc.




March 23, 2006

i watched PTV this morning where Pakistani President Musaraf giving away Sitar-e-Basalt to those who have done something brave during the last year. I was surprised when i noticed that 90% of those guys have done something brave during Sonami, Sri Lanka, and those who have killed some PAkistani guys (goverment call them terrorists – GOD Knows). I havent seen anyone getting the medal due to his srvice in Kashmir during October earthquick ….. isnt it STRANGE?