September 8, 2008

There is a program ‘Bolta Pakistan’ on Aaj TV. In view of series of unfortunate events happened in Pakistan over the period of last few weeks (like resignation of Musharraf, Zardari – as a new President, All political parties includin religious parties supported Zardari, etc), I suggest the name of this Program shall be changed to Dolta (wobbly) Pakistan.

As you all know that all the charges in Switzerland against our New PRESIDENT have been withdrawn and all his frozen assets have already been released. Only the amount of his Surrey Mehal is 6 billion USD which is equivalent to 451 billion Pakistani Rupees. I have a suggestion to the concerned person (that is Mr. Zardari) as he claims to be the most patriotic and democratic Pakistani, why dont he gave this money (451 billionPKR), which everyone knows how is earned that, to the Pakistan Government to be added into the Pakistani Reserves (which is now at its low for the last 7 years – from 30 billion to 9 billion USD).

Just to remind all of you that Pakistan budget for this last year is 1475 billions. You do the math now.

LONG LIVE PAKISTAN. So that the next generation of our land lords can be benefitted – who cares about the masses



  1. i hate maths.
    why not just say that we are in the bin ready to be recylced?

  2. why have you stoped writing?

  3. How r u? R u still in Canada?

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